Introduction of Curly Hair and the care of the curly hair .

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                   Introduction :
                                         Curly hair is the best hair from our god . At present , Curly hair is most popular hair in this world . So you have to happy to know that the curly hair is the best gift from the god . Many people have contain straight or wavy or fine or thick or dry or oily hair . They wish to get  curly hair style .Curly hair of many people can make awesome and attractive . You know that many famous man and woman have curly hair .

Such as Micheal Jackson,  Nicole Kidman , Justin Guarini etc .

Micheal Jackson , Nicole kidman , Justin Guarini , wilin

                    Types of Curly Hair :
                                                     There  are three types of Curly hair . which is C3a , C3b , C3c .

--C3a hair is called the spiral curl .It is a looser curl pattern .

--C3b is called the ringlets curl . It is a tighter pattern .

--C3c is called the corkscrews . It is a very tight curly look .

Types of curl hair

                    Care of your curly hair :
                                                            To make a attractive curly hair , You have must to be careful . You also have to know and understand about your hair . However , Many men and women face many problem to control curly hair . If you know about some information , then it is very easy to control the curl .  Tips is given step by step :--

                                     1. After bath and drying your curly hair , You have to use a comb with teeth having good gap , not small gap . It is very important for you .

                                    2. Some shampoo is not suitable which shampoo contain sulphate . So you have to avoid that's shampoo .

                                    3 . If your curly hair is more dry then you will use oil for one or two hours before using shampoo So that their hair will be adjust with the shampoo .

                                    4. It is most important , again telling you it is most important . What is this ? That is cutting . Curly hair style and care depend on cutting . So you have to very careful about cutting style then you will get a beautiful curly hair .

                                    5. Do you know , what is enemy of your curly hair ? Main enemy is halo frizz , miss use chemical production . So You have to more careful for using production . You must have to know which products are suitable for curly hair .

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