Oily Hair Information and Care Tips

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Introduction :-

                        Oily hair is the special type of hair . So many people have oily hair . Without care , they will feel so many problem . Do you know that fine oily hair is compared with the coarse hair . Do you know about this oil in your oily hair ? All hair root stay in the dermis layer which have connection with the Sebaceous Glands . This Sebaceous Gland produces oil . For knowing more , go to Hair Make , How does hair grow ? 

If you do not care about your oily hair then you will lose the beauty of your hair . See bellow :---

They do not take any care for oily hair . So they are feeling some problems .

If you will follow some rule then you will get a very awesome hair . You will be proud for your oily hair .

See this very awesome oily hair style . You can get this types of hair by taking care .

 The main reasons of this oily hair :-

                                                        1.For the parent or parents .
                                                       2.For Androgenic Hormone .

                                                       3.For Hormone Disorder .

                                                      4.For applying more oil .

                               Oily hair is best hair . Because, you have no tension for hair fall , breaking your hair , sun light . Only you will take some tips then you hair will be famous . You will be popular for your hair . It is very easy to control any problem for you oily hair .

Care tips and tricks for oily hair : -

                           1. Regularly you will use shampoo . Must use shampoo for five to seven minutes in your hair then rinsing your hair . So that the shampoo work perfectly .

                           2. After using shampoo , you will give scalp massage .

                          3.Choose a perfect hair style for controlling some problem . If you hair is too long then you will face so many problem .

                         4.Finally , you will use dry tool . But do not give high heat .


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