The information of dry hair and the care tips and tricks of dry hair

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Introduction :  

                 Dry hair is the brittle in texture and dull in appearance . Its lack of moisture causes cuticle damage and the hair becomes tangled and unmanageable . If your hair and scalp are dry , it is because that all important gland is under active and is not allowing enough sebum to lubricate either the scalp or the hair  .But you may find that you have dry  hair and a greasy scalp , in which case the hair has been influenced by external , rather than biological factors .
                   Heat is one of hair greatest enemies and its potential danger cannot be stressed highly enough . Excess heat  , whether from misuse of hairdryers and electrical styling aids or from too much sum , can damage and dry out hair . it is most important that the lock of sebaceous gland is main factor for dry hair . Our hair's root stay in the dermis  layer which is connected with the sebaceous glands ( for know more with figure  : go to structure of hair ) The work of this gland is produced oil .  If this gland fail to produce oil then our hair will be dry . You have to more careful . For the lack of care of your hair , you will be face of the hair fall . Do not worry , read our tips and tricks then you will be free from  hair fall and other problem . If you follow rule then you will get awesome hair . Only it depend your care of your dry hair .

Andel is more happy for dry hair.She follow only some easy rule.

The main reasons of dry hair :
                        1 . Your hair will be dry  if  your father or mother or both have dry hair .
                        2. For the hormone disorder , your hair cab be dry .

                        3. If you do not applying oil on the hair then your hair can be dry .

                        4 . If you have not enough vitamins  and nutrients  then your hair can be dry .

                        5. Wrong  lifestyle can create a dry hair .

To prevent and solution of dry hair here are some tips and tricks :

                        1.You should make sure your hair is protected from sunlight to prevent further dehydration .

                        2. You should keep the use of hairdryers and electrical appliances to an absolute minimum .

                        3 . Seriously consider whether you want an elaborate style of dull lifeless hair or a simple one  with  hair that appears to exude good health .

                        4. You will be use suitable oil for 1_2 hours before shampooing .

                        5. Everyone should give fine scalp massage after applying shampoo .  For this reasons , shampoo can properly affect on it .

                        6. Everybody should be eat proper food . Vitamins A,C,E and Calcium is good for healthful hair .


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