Introduction :
Curly hair is the best hair from our god . At present , Curly hair is most popular hair in this world . So you have to happy to know that the curly hair is the best gift from the god . Many people have contain straight or wavy or fine or thick or dry or oily hair . They wish to get curly hair style .Curly hair of many people can make awesome and attractive . You know that many famous man and woman have curly hair .

Micheal Jackson , Nicole kidman , Justin Guarini , wilin
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Besic Idea about the shampoo , The chemical of the shampoo and more information about the shampoo

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Basic idea about shampoo , Chemical of the shampoo
Basic idea about shampoo

What is shampoo ?

Shampoo is a type of medicine which is made by water , detergent and usually some fatty material . Here , mainly detergent help to clean your hair , remove dirt from your hair .

Chemicals of the shampoo :
Mainly shampoo contains some basic chemical . But different types of shampoo contains some extra chemicals . 
1. Sodium lauryl sulfate or Sodium laureth sulfate(help to create surfactant)
2. Sodium Chloride ( Adjust the viscosity )
3. Silicone (For conditioning )
4.Ammonium Chloride
5.Ammonium lauryl sulfate
7.Polysorbate80(For emulsify)
8.Citric Acid (Use to adjust PH)
9.Quaternium (To remove bacterial or fungicidal,protect hair lose)
10.Vitamin and amino acid
11.Ketoconazole(Use in Dandruff)
12.Zinc Pyrithione(      "         )
13.Selenium Sulfide(     "        )


Details of shampoo :

The most important thing anyone should know about shampoo is how much detergent it contains, but the only way of finding this out is through trial and error , which need not be as expensive a process as it sounds . Directly , you will ask your hairdresser . Also , you can get some valuable advice from skin care doctor or your style master .

However , know it , That any hairdressing salon worth its scissors will stock hair care products are highly professional and are worth the investment of a few pence more . If you have not yet settled on a regular salon and can not bring yourself to walk into one off the street .

It is the best idea , that you will contract with the manufacturer . You will send details information about your hair and also send some sample hair . The manufacturer will be send a best shampoo in your home  .

It is very important that the shampoo must be adjust with your hair . Then you will be tension free about your hair . However , have many information about shampoo . The detergent and pH is important parts of the shampoo . Many manufacturer company write pH and the amount of detergent . Have different types of shampoo for different types of hair .

Baisc idea about shampoo , Different chemicaal for making shampoo
Adjusting shampoo with hair

Do not worry , it is difficult only for one time . We will be add step by step about this . Also know us , about you question and problem .
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Hair Transplants : Basic Idea

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          What do you know about the biological information of the hair transplants ??
              If It is unknown then do not worry . You will get all scientific information with correct guide and you will get step by step tutorials . Also you will see video for clearing theory . Only stay with us .

Hair Transplane for basic idea
Before and after picture . Hair Transplants : For basic idea .

See this picture . Before : The man have no hair in the front head . After : Have get some hair . Believe it !!!!

Really it is true . It is not impossible for medical science . By using , hair transplant , any one can get natural hair .

                        At present , Hair Transplant is a revolution part of hair care or medical science . In this world , so many male and female have loss their hair . They had tried to protect this hair loss but fail. They are unhappy for this condition because of less hair .They want to back this hair . But how ? They have listen hair transplantation . But the have no more information . [ Stay with us for getting step by step reachable information . ]

                      You have to know , that there are no way to back your hair without hair transplantation . It is the modern and best way to repair your hair permanently .At present , it is very popular , So many famous people have taken this technology for getting hair back . 
 Believe it or not .It is really true . See some related successful hair transplants .

Happy Picture : 1
Hair transplantation
Jelin have got perfect hair by taking hair transplantation
 Happy Picture: 2

Hair transplantation
Front of the head , have very less hair . After hair transplantation , have got good position
Happy Picture : 3

Hair Transplantation
After hair transplantation , MR.Alvin have got a real beautiful position

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