Types of Hair

There are many types of hair . Such as :

                         1. Curly Hair                                                         4.Straight Hair
                         2.Dry Hair                                                             5. Wavy Hair

                         3. Oily Hair                                                          6. Long Hair

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            1. Curly Hair : -
                                       The Curl Hair is the best hair . Everyone should be proud for this curly hair . For knowing more information and care tips and tricks about this curly hair you can go to the special page .That page is the introduction of curly hair and the care of the curly hair .

            2. Dry Hair : -

                                      Dry hair is a type of hair . If you have dry hair then you have to more careful for your dry hair . Without any care you will lose beauty of your hair . So it is very important for you to take care for you dry hair . You will get so many tips and tricks here : The information of dry hair and the care tips and tricks of your dry hair .

            3. Oily Hair : -
                                     Oily Hair is a type of hair . This hair type have some problem and also have some facility . By following some rule you can get  a good oily hair style . However , you also have to know " What is the main source of your oily hair ?" . So go to this page : Hair make , How does hair grow ? Have so many information about Oily hair in this page " Oily hair information and care tips "
            4. Long Hair : -

                                     For knowing basic information about long hair you can go to the different types of hair or Long Hair information and care tips 

            5 . Straight Hair : -

                                        At present , Have more popular in this hair types . However , Straight hair is fine hair . If you have straight hair , you have to follow some rules which is very important for anyone . Otherwise , your hair will be destroy . So go to this category : Straight hair information and care tips

            6. Wavy Hair : -
                                       Many famous man and woman follow this type of wavy hair style . Wavy hair is best hair . To know more information about wavy hair , go to this page : Wavy hair information and care tips 

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