Besic Idea about the shampoo , The chemical of the shampoo and more information about the shampoo

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Basic idea about shampoo , Chemical of the shampoo
Basic idea about shampoo

What is shampoo ?

Shampoo is a type of medicine which is made by water , detergent and usually some fatty material . Here , mainly detergent help to clean your hair , remove dirt from your hair .

Chemicals of the shampoo :
Mainly shampoo contains some basic chemical . But different types of shampoo contains some extra chemicals . 
1. Sodium lauryl sulfate or Sodium laureth sulfate(help to create surfactant)
2. Sodium Chloride ( Adjust the viscosity )
3. Silicone (For conditioning )
4.Ammonium Chloride
5.Ammonium lauryl sulfate
7.Polysorbate80(For emulsify)
8.Citric Acid (Use to adjust PH)
9.Quaternium (To remove bacterial or fungicidal,protect hair lose)
10.Vitamin and amino acid
11.Ketoconazole(Use in Dandruff)
12.Zinc Pyrithione(      "         )
13.Selenium Sulfide(     "        )


Details of shampoo :

The most important thing anyone should know about shampoo is how much detergent it contains, but the only way of finding this out is through trial and error , which need not be as expensive a process as it sounds . Directly , you will ask your hairdresser . Also , you can get some valuable advice from skin care doctor or your style master .

However , know it , That any hairdressing salon worth its scissors will stock hair care products are highly professional and are worth the investment of a few pence more . If you have not yet settled on a regular salon and can not bring yourself to walk into one off the street .

It is the best idea , that you will contract with the manufacturer . You will send details information about your hair and also send some sample hair . The manufacturer will be send a best shampoo in your home  .

It is very important that the shampoo must be adjust with your hair . Then you will be tension free about your hair . However , have many information about shampoo . The detergent and pH is important parts of the shampoo . Many manufacturer company write pH and the amount of detergent . Have different types of shampoo for different types of hair .

Baisc idea about shampoo , Different chemicaal for making shampoo
Adjusting shampoo with hair

Do not worry , it is difficult only for one time . We will be add step by step about this . Also know us , about you question and problem .
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Hair Transplants : Basic Idea

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          What do you know about the biological information of the hair transplants ??
              If It is unknown then do not worry . You will get all scientific information with correct guide and you will get step by step tutorials . Also you will see video for clearing theory . Only stay with us .

Hair Transplane for basic idea
Before and after picture . Hair Transplants : For basic idea .

See this picture . Before : The man have no hair in the front head . After : Have get some hair . Believe it !!!!

Really it is true . It is not impossible for medical science . By using , hair transplant , any one can get natural hair .

                        At present , Hair Transplant is a revolution part of hair care or medical science . In this world , so many male and female have loss their hair . They had tried to protect this hair loss but fail. They are unhappy for this condition because of less hair .They want to back this hair . But how ? They have listen hair transplantation . But the have no more information . [ Stay with us for getting step by step reachable information . ]

                      You have to know , that there are no way to back your hair without hair transplantation . It is the modern and best way to repair your hair permanently .At present , it is very popular , So many famous people have taken this technology for getting hair back . 
 Believe it or not .It is really true . See some related successful hair transplants .

Happy Picture : 1
Hair transplantation
Jelin have got perfect hair by taking hair transplantation
 Happy Picture: 2

Hair transplantation
Front of the head , have very less hair . After hair transplantation , have got good position
Happy Picture : 3

Hair Transplantation
After hair transplantation , MR.Alvin have got a real beautiful position

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Wavy Hair Information and Care tips

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Introduction : -

                          Wavy hair is the best hair type in this world . It has more population . You will be proud if you have wavy hair in naturally . Many people want this type of hair . However , You have to know about wavy hair . Then you will be know " How do you get wavy hair , How do i get wavy hair , How to wavy  hair ". That's questions are same . Have same ans . Long wavy hair is love by many women . I have given some picture below to know long wavy hair , short wavy hair , medium wavy hair for getting basic idea . At present hairstyles are getting more and more population . So wavy hair styles are are best . So you choose a perfect wavy hair hairstyle from so many wavy hair hairstyles which will be adjust with your face .

Long Wavy Hair Style

Medium Wavy Hair Style

Short Wavy Hair Style

                       You will see that so many famous people , famous Hollywood Celebrities famous for their wavy hair .  Such people are : Kate Hudson , Drew Barrymore etc .

Kate Hudson                                                                                                Drew Barrymore

However , it is most important to get a health full wavy hair you have to follow some rule .

How will you get health full wavy hair ? Answer: Have some ans . See below ......

                                 1. Have to use shampoo and conditioner 3 times per week .

                                 2. You should use comb which comb have good gap , remember it  is harmful that's comb have small gap . So be careful .

                                 3.Have to use good fingers .

                                 4.You will be eat good food .

                                 5. Vitamin A,E,C is suitable for wavy hair .
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Oily Hair Information and Care Tips

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Introduction :-

                        Oily hair is the special type of hair . So many people have oily hair . Without care , they will feel so many problem . Do you know that fine oily hair is compared with the coarse hair . Do you know about this oil in your oily hair ? All hair root stay in the dermis layer which have connection with the Sebaceous Glands . This Sebaceous Gland produces oil . For knowing more , go to Hair Make , How does hair grow ? 

If you do not care about your oily hair then you will lose the beauty of your hair . See bellow :---

They do not take any care for oily hair . So they are feeling some problems .

If you will follow some rule then you will get a very awesome hair . You will be proud for your oily hair .

See this very awesome oily hair style . You can get this types of hair by taking care .

 The main reasons of this oily hair :-

                                                        1.For the parent or parents .
                                                       2.For Androgenic Hormone .

                                                       3.For Hormone Disorder .

                                                      4.For applying more oil .

                               Oily hair is best hair . Because, you have no tension for hair fall , breaking your hair , sun light . Only you will take some tips then you hair will be famous . You will be popular for your hair . It is very easy to control any problem for you oily hair .

Care tips and tricks for oily hair : -

                           1. Regularly you will use shampoo . Must use shampoo for five to seven minutes in your hair then rinsing your hair . So that the shampoo work perfectly .

                           2. After using shampoo , you will give scalp massage .

                          3.Choose a perfect hair style for controlling some problem . If you hair is too long then you will face so many problem .

                         4.Finally , you will use dry tool . But do not give high heat .
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Straight Hair Information and Care tips

Introduction :-
                         Straight Hair is an important type of hair . It is the opposite type of the curly hair . At present , Straight hair have more popular all over the world . Straight hair is fine and thin hair . It known as a style of simplicity . This type of hair style increase your personality and also gives a attractive look . There are so many famous person in this world who have this type of style . Such as : Ashlee Simpson , Demi Moore etc

Demi Moore                                       Ashlee Simpson

                       However , for getting best fine straight hair , you have to follow some rule . Easily you will get a best fine straight hair with your face . You must be remember that the straight hair is delicate hair type . Easily you will lose the beauty of you straight hair . So you have to careful to use any chemical product , styling tools , dry tools etc .

Care tips and tricks for straight hair : -

                         1. Avoid alcohol products , which is not helpful for your straight hair .

Alcohol Products

                         2. You do not use that's shampoo which shampoo contain shalphate . Gentle shampoo is suitable for straight hair .

                        3. You will stay for two or three min in the sun light , not more . It is very very important for straight hair , save your hair from more sun light by covering your hair .

                       4. Regularly use oil . Oil give gives nutrition for your hair . Then you will wash you hair by suitable shampoo .

                      5. You will choose a perfect hair style which style will be attractive for you . However , you can discuss with the professional hair stylist to get a perfect style .

                     6. Finally , remember it ,  you will be more careful to the chemical products . If you will use wrong chemical products then you will face so many problem . It will damage the fine of your hair and destroy your dermis layer .

She is feeling for using wrong products . So be more  careful to avoid this problem .

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Long hair information and care tips

Introduction :-

Long hair . For growing this long hair , you need more time . However at present , it is popular .

                        Long hair is an important types of hair . For long hair , you have to wait more time for growth of your hair , also be very careful in this time . Believe it or not , For growing long hair , you need enough time . Long hair is not adjust for all women and men . However , At first you have to know about long hair and the style of long hair .If long hair adjust with your face and body structure then long hair will be attractive for you . Beside you also have to know about the advantages and disadvantages .

                         Every person have a lot of tension before doing any experiment with there long hair . It is very important to remember that , if your long hair is dry then you have to most careful  . Also careful for using any products . Wrong products will damage , destroy your hair . So you have to know that which types of products ( such as shampoo , conditioner etc ) are suitable for you hair .

Beautiful long hair 

Do not worry  , long hair is best hair . This type of hair can change your beauty and can increase your attractive . Only you will follow some tips and tricks . However , Good news for long hair , have so many style for long hair . Have so many style , that style can change your hair and beauty .

Stay with us , we will add so many style technique , by knowing this you will be able to change your hair style . You also can go to professional stylist by seeing style collection .

 Care tips and tricks for long hair : -

                                 1. Firstly , You have to 100% careful about your health and food . Believe it or not , Diet schedule is most important for your healthful long hair .

                                2. Secondly , Save your hair from sun light . If Your long hair is dry ,then you have to needed a special care to save your dry long hair by covering your hair from sun .

Sun protecting cloth which is useful to save you hair .

                                3 . Thirdly , Do not use wrong chemical ( such as shampoo and other ) products . You have to know which product is best for long hair . Shalphate free shampoo is best for long hair . Go to this page : The way of using shampoo , The way of using conditioner .

                               4. At present hair style is most popular . So you have to choose a perfect hair style . Only you will choose that style which style will be adjust with your face and beauty .

                               5. You have to brush your long hair for 70-100 times before you go to sleep .

Brush your hair for 70-100 times

                                  6 . It is most and most important to remember that any direct heat will damage your long hair directly .

                                 7. Do not use hair gadgets regularly .

Reduce gadgets using

                                 8 . You will drink more water .

                                 9 . You will choose that fruits which contains vitamin B , C and E .

Stay with our site .We are adding day by day so many tips and tricks which is important for any one .
Ask any question and give idea by valuable commenting .
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The information of dry hair and the care tips and tricks of dry hair

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Introduction :  

                 Dry hair is the brittle in texture and dull in appearance . Its lack of moisture causes cuticle damage and the hair becomes tangled and unmanageable . If your hair and scalp are dry , it is because that all important gland is under active and is not allowing enough sebum to lubricate either the scalp or the hair  .But you may find that you have dry  hair and a greasy scalp , in which case the hair has been influenced by external , rather than biological factors .
                   Heat is one of hair greatest enemies and its potential danger cannot be stressed highly enough . Excess heat  , whether from misuse of hairdryers and electrical styling aids or from too much sum , can damage and dry out hair . it is most important that the lock of sebaceous gland is main factor for dry hair . Our hair's root stay in the dermis  layer which is connected with the sebaceous glands ( for know more with figure  : go to structure of hair ) The work of this gland is produced oil .  If this gland fail to produce oil then our hair will be dry . You have to more careful . For the lack of care of your hair , you will be face of the hair fall . Do not worry , read our tips and tricks then you will be free from  hair fall and other problem . If you follow rule then you will get awesome hair . Only it depend your care of your dry hair .

Andel is more happy for dry hair.She follow only some easy rule.

The main reasons of dry hair :
                        1 . Your hair will be dry  if  your father or mother or both have dry hair .
                        2. For the hormone disorder , your hair cab be dry .

                        3. If you do not applying oil on the hair then your hair can be dry .

                        4 . If you have not enough vitamins  and nutrients  then your hair can be dry .

                        5. Wrong  lifestyle can create a dry hair .

To prevent and solution of dry hair here are some tips and tricks :

                        1.You should make sure your hair is protected from sunlight to prevent further dehydration .

                        2. You should keep the use of hairdryers and electrical appliances to an absolute minimum .

                        3 . Seriously consider whether you want an elaborate style of dull lifeless hair or a simple one  with  hair that appears to exude good health .

                        4. You will be use suitable oil for 1_2 hours before shampooing .

                        5. Everyone should give fine scalp massage after applying shampoo .  For this reasons , shampoo can properly affect on it .

                        6. Everybody should be eat proper food . Vitamins A,C,E and Calcium is good for healthful hair .

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Introduction of Curly Hair and the care of the curly hair .

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                   Introduction :
                                         Curly hair is the best hair from our god . At present , Curly hair is most popular hair in this world . So you have to happy to know that the curly hair is the best gift from the god . Many people have contain straight or wavy or fine or thick or dry or oily hair . They wish to get  curly hair style .Curly hair of many people can make awesome and attractive . You know that many famous man and woman have curly hair .

Such as Micheal Jackson,  Nicole Kidman , Justin Guarini etc .

Micheal Jackson , Nicole kidman , Justin Guarini , wilin

                    Types of Curly Hair :
                                                     There  are three types of Curly hair . which is C3a , C3b , C3c .

--C3a hair is called the spiral curl .It is a looser curl pattern .

--C3b is called the ringlets curl . It is a tighter pattern .

--C3c is called the corkscrews . It is a very tight curly look .

Types of curl hair

                    Care of your curly hair :
                                                            To make a attractive curly hair , You have must to be careful . You also have to know and understand about your hair . However , Many men and women face many problem to control curly hair . If you know about some information , then it is very easy to control the curl .  Tips is given step by step :--

                                     1. After bath and drying your curly hair , You have to use a comb with teeth having good gap , not small gap . It is very important for you .

                                    2. Some shampoo is not suitable which shampoo contain sulphate . So you have to avoid that's shampoo .

                                    3 . If your curly hair is more dry then you will use oil for one or two hours before using shampoo So that their hair will be adjust with the shampoo .

                                    4. It is most important , again telling you it is most important . What is this ? That is cutting . Curly hair style and care depend on cutting . So you have to very careful about cutting style then you will get a beautiful curly hair .

                                    5. Do you know , what is enemy of your curly hair ? Main enemy is halo frizz , miss use chemical production . So You have to more careful for using production . You must have to know which products are suitable for curly hair .

You will get best solution from this site . You can go to _____________ for knowing what types of production for you curl hair .

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Introduction of hair

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Best Hair style
Hair style
                      My introduction to the world of hair is most important for increasing beauty for males and females . Everyone must have to know about the hair health , hair cutting , hair style and more . However , You will take a good knowledge about many thing , Such as :

                                                                                             * Hair Health .

                                                                                             * Understanding your hair .

                                                                                             * Many style .

                                                                                             * Cutting information .

                                                                                             * Hair cosmetics .

                                                                                             * Color information .
                                                                                             * So many information .

Many men lose their hair , Many girls also lose the beauty of hair . By taking some care everyone can get perfect hair .Allen Edwards Say ,

                                                           " Health of the hair is the life , Cutting hair is an art "

The hair and its growth patterns depends on the genetic for males and females . Hormones is also the important factor for characteristics changes of hair . The scientist say,

                                                           " Care of hair is the best medicine "

So you must have careful to ensure a healthful,beautiful  hair .Everyone have more tension about hair . No tension . Stay with us , you will get best and perfect solution from this site . However , Many man and woman have some problem . They do not guide and suitable information . We believe that you will be 100% satisfy to take this site as friendship . Beside you will get all solution of hair problem from this blogging site . Also we have some skin and hair specialist doctor .
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Understanding Your Hair

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               Of all the outfits which we possess to enhance our looks , hair is the one we never take off . A good well-conditioned style can turn heads in the street and boost our self-confidence in exactly the same way as an expensive outfit . Yet it is the one aspect of our personal appearance above all others .

Understanding hair
Understanding your hair
                From childhood to old age we abuse our hair through carelessness or sheer ignorance . We tug it back into damaging elastic bands , rip the ends apart by grooming incorrectly and even pull it out by the roots ! We pursue this path of destruction by using harmful brushes and combs , by shampooing inadequately and by subjecting our hair to the intense rays of the sun . We complete the process by continual use of chemicals , sometimes applied inexpertly by amateurs , until our former crowning glory breaks beyond the point of no return . Then we panic .

Ignorance of this vital aspect of our looks has been with us since time immemorial . Hair has sometimes been revered , often abused . The early Egyptians shaved their heads , partly for religious reasons but also as a way of coping with the hot climate and of keeping their progressed from one extreme to another as more elaborate styles became the fashion and eventually wigs were worn by both men and women . Ancient Greeks preferred more natural hair and women spent great sums of money on oils and perfumes for it . According to legend , the ancient Romans believed that too frequent washing disturbed the spirit guarding the head - so women were permitted to wash their hair only as often as once a year !

However , It was during supposedly more civilized times that hair care really suffered at the fickle fingers of fashion . During the 18th century incredibly extravagant  creations would be filled with cotton wool and moulded together . Because they would not be disturbed for weeks , nests of mice taken up residence .
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Hair Make by biological

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               The hair and scalp are two such delicately linked and intricate subjects that one can understand why countless generations before us have preferred to remain in blissful ignorance of them But whether we like it or not , First impression are formed on appearances and our hair is very often the first part of us to be noticed . Hair care plays a more prominent part in beauty routines now than ever before , yet it still often neglected - simply because it least understood . So what exactly is hair and how is it formed ?

Root of the hair
Root of the hair 
               Hair is a slender , thread-like extension on the skin . There are between 80,000 and 150,000 hairs on the human head at any one time , depending on gender and hair color . A natural blonde tends to have more hairs on the scalp than a redhead and women tend to have more than men . But all of these hairs , or at least those which are visible to the human eye , are dead; it is from a root deep beneath the scalp , or the papilla , that life goes on .

Hair scalp structure
Three layer of the scalp
                 The scalp is made up of three layers ; the epidermis , the dermis ,and the hypodermis . The epidermis , more commonly known as skin , it follow a life cycle which is completed between five and six weeks and itself divided up into layers . The epidermis is fed by the dermis layer , which is the main place of the hair follicle where the hair get a actual life . The dermis is the base of the follicle where the papilla is found and where the hair cells are produced .Living cells need nutrition and our hair cells draw their from blood vessels , which also feed the sebaceous glands with sulphur . The sebaceous glands are attached to the hair follicle and produce sebum which lubricates the hair shaft and scalp . For some people sebum is automatically associated with oiliness and is a dirty word , but it is vital to the well-being of our hair because it seals in essential moisture which protects it from dangerous elements such as the sun , wind and weather ; it also contains a natural antiseptic which helps fight infection . Sulphur supplied by the blood vessels controls the flow of sebum . The dermis also  contain the nerves and nerve cells which are sensitive to touch , heat and movement . The third layer of the scalp , the hypodermis  is situated at the base of the dermis and is make up of fatty acids present in sebum .

The hair itself or hair shaft is also divided into three layers . Such as :
                                                                                                             1. Cuticle
                                                                                                             2. Cortex 

                                                                                                             3. Medulla

                  1. Cuticle :
                  The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair and its protective coating . Believe it or not , The cuticle is also the made up of the layers , but in this case they are layers of overlapping transparent scales of keratin , which is a hard protective protein also found in the nails on the hands and feet . When the hair is wet these scales open out and when it is dry they close . Beautiful shiny hair is the result of the cuticles lying smoothly on the surface of the hair shaft where they reflect the light .Dull hair is the product of damaged cuticles which cannot lie flat or catch the light . This kind of hair becomes porous , Which means it absorbs water and other substances at different rates along its lengths . A figure have given below : -


                     2.Cortex :

                     The second layer of the hair shaft , the cortex , is the main bulk of the hair and contains the hair pigment granules which gives the hair its color .

Cuticle Cortex Medulla
Cuticle , Cortex , Medulla

                    3.Medulla :

                    The medulla is not always present in the hair shaft  , but when it is there it is located in the center and is made up of soft fibrous keratin .

Next Point step by step : How does Hair grow ?

Thanks .
For need more information , you can ask any thing .

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How does hair grow ?

Hair structure
Hair Deep structure
                  Hair is formed in minute pockets in the skin , called follicles . An up growth at the base of the follicles called papilla actually produces hair , when a special group of calls turn amino acids into the hair keratin . The rate of the production of these protein " building blocks " determines hair growth . The average growth rate is  about 1.2cm per month , growing more quickly on the crown and at the back of the head .Hair grows faster on women between the ages of 15 and 30 .

                 On your head you'll have around 90,000 to 150,000 strands , which means on average we grow about 60 meters of hair a day .

                 Each follicle produces hair for between two and four years , followed by a period of two to six months during which the hair becomes loose and is pushed out as the follicle commences production of new hair . In this  ways  , 50 to 100 hairs a day are lose and hair length is normally limited to 45cm to 60cm . A record hair length  , however  was more than two meters .

Color structure of the hair in dermis

                   Each hair is supplied with its own conditioning agent  called sebum . This is produced in the sebaceous gland , situated in the side wall of each follicle . This sebum is necessary to maintain the normal condition of the skin and hair , reducing damage by preventing loss of moisture . The amount  produced varies from person to person  and can be influenced by factors such as diet , nervous tension , scalp massage , age and ill health  .  The sebaceous glands are particularly active during adolescence .

For knowing basic  structure of hair Go to :

For knowing more about Follicle growth cycle : For read

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