Understanding Your Hair

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               Of all the outfits which we possess to enhance our looks , hair is the one we never take off . A good well-conditioned style can turn heads in the street and boost our self-confidence in exactly the same way as an expensive outfit . Yet it is the one aspect of our personal appearance above all others .

Understanding hair
Understanding your hair
                From childhood to old age we abuse our hair through carelessness or sheer ignorance . We tug it back into damaging elastic bands , rip the ends apart by grooming incorrectly and even pull it out by the roots ! We pursue this path of destruction by using harmful brushes and combs , by shampooing inadequately and by subjecting our hair to the intense rays of the sun . We complete the process by continual use of chemicals , sometimes applied inexpertly by amateurs , until our former crowning glory breaks beyond the point of no return . Then we panic .

Ignorance of this vital aspect of our looks has been with us since time immemorial . Hair has sometimes been revered , often abused . The early Egyptians shaved their heads , partly for religious reasons but also as a way of coping with the hot climate and of keeping their progressed from one extreme to another as more elaborate styles became the fashion and eventually wigs were worn by both men and women . Ancient Greeks preferred more natural hair and women spent great sums of money on oils and perfumes for it . According to legend , the ancient Romans believed that too frequent washing disturbed the spirit guarding the head - so women were permitted to wash their hair only as often as once a year !

However , It was during supposedly more civilized times that hair care really suffered at the fickle fingers of fashion . During the 18th century incredibly extravagant  creations would be filled with cotton wool and moulded together . Because they would not be disturbed for weeks , nests of mice taken up residence .


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