Straight Hair Information and Care tips

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Introduction :-
                         Straight Hair is an important type of hair . It is the opposite type of the curly hair . At present , Straight hair have more popular all over the world . Straight hair is fine and thin hair . It known as a style of simplicity . This type of hair style increase your personality and also gives a attractive look . There are so many famous person in this world who have this type of style . Such as : Ashlee Simpson , Demi Moore etc

Demi Moore                                       Ashlee Simpson

                       However , for getting best fine straight hair , you have to follow some rule . Easily you will get a best fine straight hair with your face . You must be remember that the straight hair is delicate hair type . Easily you will lose the beauty of you straight hair . So you have to careful to use any chemical product , styling tools , dry tools etc .

Care tips and tricks for straight hair : -

                         1. Avoid alcohol products , which is not helpful for your straight hair .

Alcohol Products

                         2. You do not use that's shampoo which shampoo contain shalphate . Gentle shampoo is suitable for straight hair .

                        3. You will stay for two or three min in the sun light , not more . It is very very important for straight hair , save your hair from more sun light by covering your hair .

                       4. Regularly use oil . Oil give gives nutrition for your hair . Then you will wash you hair by suitable shampoo .

                      5. You will choose a perfect hair style which style will be attractive for you . However , you can discuss with the professional hair stylist to get a perfect style .

                     6. Finally , remember it ,  you will be more careful to the chemical products . If you will use wrong chemical products then you will face so many problem . It will damage the fine of your hair and destroy your dermis layer .

She is feeling for using wrong products . So be more  careful to avoid this problem .


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